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Featured Products November 2011

Splints, Valplast & Herbst Appliance...




Race Dental Laboratory is a splint specialist. We offer a wide variety of splints, manufactured to a high standard and processed with heat curing not just cold curing – which gives a splint extra strength.

Our specialist splint department are producing phenomenal results - let your patients feel the difference for themselves!

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  • Blends with surrounding tissue and virtually disappears
  • Perfectly suited to the variety of natural conditions in the mouth
  • Base resin is light weight and less obstructive - it retains strength even when very thin
  • Avoids tooth or tissue preparation

Valplast is ideal for challenging cases like cleft palates and acrylic allergies

Our specialist acrylic department produces a range of standard to advanced work across a variety of systems:

• Pressure, heat packed and cold cured dentures 
• Lucitone Acrylic 
• Biofunctional Prosthetic System, using the SR-Ivocap processing system 
• Characterisation of dentures (rugae), labial buccal carving and colouring 
• Signum bond, denture staining 
• Customised, shaded acrylic, choice of Hereaus basic, mondial or premium teeth 
• PalaXpress, injection packed dentures

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The Herbst appliance is a wellknown fixed appliance designed to correct overbites by holding the mandible in a protrusive position. The Herbst appliance is very effective in correcting large class 2 bites.

Race Dental Laboratory produces high quality Hanks Herbst and M2M Herbst appliances - All joints are laser welded for additional strength and turnaround times are fast at 3-5 days!

Hand made by a trained and experienced orthodontic dental technician!

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